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Notice of Reopening

The National Hangeul Museum will conditionally reopen its doors to the public starting Wednesday, May 6th, in accordance with government-advised social distancing guidelines.

1. The permanent exhibition hall and children’s museum To comply with social distancing and containment measures, the number of visitors will be limited to 60 per hour.

Visitors will be required to reserve tickets online in advance (, or register their name at the on-site ticketing booth.
On-site visitors may be asked to wait for a while before entering the museum.
- Online reservation will open from May 4th (14:00), and visitors must book their tickets at least one days in advance of their visit.
- On-site visitors must write their personal information, including names and phone numbers.
- Visitors will be allowed to enjoy the permanent exhibition hall and children’s museum, but the special exhibition hall on the third floor will reopen on May 15th.

2. Educational programs and cultural events
To prevent the additional spread of coronavirus infection, all programs and events will be canceled until further notice.

3. Other facilities
- Hangeul Library on the first floor will be available in restricted fashion for book rental services from May 6th on weekdays.
- The cafe on the second floor will reopen on May 6th, maintaining distancing from one table to another .
- Annex(Shelter) will remain closed until further notice Thank you for your kind cooperation.