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About Hangeul Playground

Hangeul Playground is a hands-on exhibition space where children can form a better understanding of Hangeul and express their diverse thoughts in Hangeul while playing and having fun. Under the theme “Hangeul, the Power that Drives Children to Communicate and Grow,” this exhibition is designed to help children rediscover Hangeul in everyday life, enjoy the pleasure of sharing ideas with their family, friends, and neighbors through Hangeul, and create their own Hangeul culture.

In addition to physical activities, our newly renovated exhibition space provides a wide range of ICT-based hands-on experiences, such as where children can read digital creation of store signs in neighborhood, enjoy voice recognition and video technologies, write on the wall in the Cloud Font and Star Font through a laser recognition system, and experience digital interactive technologies featuring initial consonants in Hangeul.

Part I “A Stroll Around the Neighborhood” provides a variety of hands-on activities, such as finding the words that imitate sounds and shapes in daily life, creating your own logo on a digital signboard, and designing a new signboard using Hangeul letter blocks.

Part II “Hey, Buddy! Want to Have Fun in Hangeul Playground?” consists of a slide, climbing poles, a resting space, a climbing net, and a dome for building games, each resembling one of the five basic consonants “ㄱ,” “ㄴ,” “ㅁ”, “ㅅ,” and “ㅇ.” Here, children can experience the scientific nature of Hangeul while they have fun finding the family letters of each consonant. This section also presents mobiles resembling the three basic vowels that symbolize the heaven (ㆍ), the earth (ㅡ), and a human (ㅣ); a game of finding the family letters of consonants in a maze; and a program that transforms children’s spoken words into a fascinating video.

Part III “My Room Where I Dream” is dedicated to Hangeul communication. Here, children can express their feelings toward their family by writing them in the Star Font and Cloud Font. Also, through an interactive exhibition, they can see images associated with all the initial consonants from “ㄱ” to “ㅎ”. Finally, they can enjoy fantastic transformations of jelly buddies, which represent each consonant, turning into a variety of exciting things.

Artist Jeon Joonho advised on the exhibition direction, and artists Kim Shinyoung, Kim Yonggwan, and Kim Hyun joined in the creation of the exhibition. They transformed Hangeul letters into flexibly changing jelly buddies, thereby making Hangeul Playground a fantastic space. We hope that our new permanent exhibition in the newly renovated Hangeul Playground will make today a special day for children to feel closer to Hangeul.