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Welcome to the National Hangeul Museum. Once again, in the new year 2020, we are more than ready to share with you various exhibits, events, lectures, etc. We invite your participation in every way possible. We are planning to open a special exhibition <Hangeul in Pop Music (provisional title)> which will focus on the cultural aspects of certain times of the society observed through the words from the very first modern pop song to the recent ones. We will be celebrating Hangeul Day with yet another Hangeul Family Festival in October. Also, a variety of lectures are on the way to help the public broaden their minds on the diversity and the history of Hangeul culture. Major changes will be introduced to the permanent exhibition and the children’s museum, too. We hope these will bring many positive effects and allow the visitors to follow the path Hangeul has been through in a friendlier and more comfortable way. Children can also experience Hangeul while enjoying themselves in the children’s museum equipped with cutting-edge ICT technology. The ongoing special exhibition <Great Heroes of Hangeul> at the NHM will be reopened in another city in April while <Transformations: experiments in Hangeul Design> will be held at the Korea Center in Paris. Education programs of Hangeul culture will also be offered to meet the expectations of the visitors to their fullest satisfaction. The number of visitors to the museum is growing every year with more than 770,000 last year. We appreciate your support and promise to try harder to go closer to the visitors’ needs listening to what they have to say. We are looking forward to seeing you at the museum in Seoul. Sim Dong-sup, Director of the National Hangeul Museum