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Planning and General Management Division

  • Overall museum development, General planning, Business planning and modification
  • Hiring employees, HR, education, payroll
  • Budgeting, legislation, regulation, agreements, general affairs
  • Architecture, Facilities, Safety and security, Digitization
  • Giving exhibitions and facilities tours
  • Supervising volunteers, Visitor experience, Cultural businesses

Exhibition Division

  • Planning of exhibitions and events, Management of permanent collection, Management and operation of exhibition halls
  • Exhibition design, Publishing
  • Data acquisition, acceptance, consignment, and collection
  • Data receipt and disbursement, Conservation, Storage
  • Collecting and managing relics and data
  • Operation of Hangeul Library, Digitizing and managing Hangeul-related data

Research & Education Division

  • Hangeul-related research and publication
  • Exchange of academic studies (domestic and international), Operating and participating in academic conferences
  • Planning and managing education programs and experiential exhibitions