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Donation and Deposit

National Hangeul Museum is dedicated to preserve the value of Hangeul and transmit Hangeul culture by collecting, researching and exhibiting various materials related to Hangeul, that range from its creation to today. The donated objects are scientifically treated for conservation and safely maintained in the Museum storages permanently. Those donations will provide the opportunity for the piblic to appreciate the value of Hangeul through exhibitions.

Donation and Deposit Process

  • Confirmation
  • Reviewing
  • Selection

Acceptable Objects

  • Tangible and intangible materials that possess competent symbolic and historical value of Hangeul from its creation to until today.
  • Materials considered beneficial for exhibitions, education programs and research projects of National Hangeul Museum
  • Hangeul-related videos, designs, contemporary art, calligraphy, etc.

Benefits to Donors

  • Appreciation plaque, name listed on the donors’ wall, invitation to exhibitions and cultural events, the Museum-published books, etc.

Inquiry about donation

  • 02-2124-6353