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Photography Contest : Hangeul I met


National Hangeul Museum

Collecting Hangeul from all over the world

Photography Contest : Hangeul I met

Who : Anyone from around the world who loves Hangeul

When to Submit : From Tuesday, May 18, 2021 to Monday,

                               August 16, 2021 at midnight(GMT+9)

                               (Winners will be announced in September, 2021.)

Theme : Photos related to Hangeul we met in our daily lives

                    ※ such as those of people learning Hangeul, pretty

                        and unique Hangeul signboards and products (T-shirts, belongings, bags, etc.)

                        and photos of Hangeul met by chance outside Korea

                        (They must be the participants’ original works.)

How to Enter : 1. Online Application (

                           2. Send a photo with an application form to

                                   ※ limited to one work per person

                                   ※ The application form can be downloaded from the website.


ㅇ Photos : No restrictions on shooting equipments (Cell Phones, Action Camera) 

                  Graphically synthesized works can not be accepted

                  The photos must be the ones taken in the year 2021.

                  (The winners' works will be exhibited)

A total of 30 people will be selected

   (including 20% of works by foreigners and overseas residents).

Award ceremony is to be on Hangeul Day (October 9).

Prize No. Certificate of Award/ Prize
Grand Prize 1 NHM Director Certificate & KRW 2 Million Cultural Gift Voucher * For overseas residents, prizes may change to electronic devices, etc.
3 NHM Director Certificate & KRW 1 Million Cultural Gift Voucher
Second Place 5 NHM Director Certificate & KRW 500,000 Cultural Gift Voucher
Third Place 7 NHM Director Certificate & KRW 200,000 Cultural Gift Voucher
Honorable Mentions 14 KRW 100,000 Cultural Gift Voucher