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Deep Rooted Tree, First Issue

Infomation Museum Collection
Period 1976
Quantity 1
Dimensions 18.8×25.8

Relics Description

Deep Rooted Tree was a magazine published by journalist and publisher Han Chang-gi (19361997) from March 1967 to August 1980. It was a pioneer in many respects and a huge hit during its time. Han pursued new values and cultures in keeping with the times and at the same time valued traditional culture. The magazine printed articles only in Hangeul written horizontally, which was unconventional at the time, and strove to change loanwords into easy-to-understand native words.

Deep Rooted Tree was also hailed for its excellent aesthetic and unique sense for the Hangeul lettering style of cover titles and editorial designs. The editorial staff planned each element thoroughly, including images, letter sizes, and even spaces between letters, giving their magazine a visual direction and order. This had a great impact on the later development of editorial design using Hangeul.