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Heroes of Hangeul
Special Exhibition Hall (3F)
Heroes of Hangeul
  • Heroes of Hangeul
  • Exhibition
    Heroes of Hangeul
  • Period
    Sep.30,2019 - Mar.8,2020
  • Location
    Special Exhibition Hall (3F)
Who comes to mind when you hear the word “Hangeul”?

Commemorating both Hangeul Day and the museum’s fifth anniversary, the National Hangeul Museum presents this special exhibition introducing the heroes of Hangeul, including both lesser-known personages and notable figures suggested in a survey. Some attempted to protect the country in a time of national crisis using Hangeul, some promoted its use in the face of social prejudice, and others pioneered new types of communication with Hangeul.

The National Hangeul Museum surveyed visitors and other Koreans and non-Koreans to choose five great heroes of Hangeul. The museum also selected seven personages who may be relatively less well known among the public, but who made a significant contribution to the development of this alphabet. Thanks to the sincere efforts by these great figures toward their respective goals, Hangeul has been able to survive and develop since its invention by King Sejong.

In this special exhibition commemorating the legacy of King Sejong, please reflect on the value of Hangeul that was established and enhanced by these heroes from its history and discuss how we could shape its future.

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People who protected the country using Hangeul
When Korea lost its sovereignty to Japan at a time of competition between world powers, some tried to protect the country using Korean language and Hangeul. Here we present the heroes who struggled in their respective fields in the belief that Korea could someday restore its national sovereignty by protecting the Korean language and Hangeul as a foundation of the national spirit.

People who fought social prejudices using Hangeul
During the Joseon dynasty, the ruling class continued to use classical Chinese characters as a primary means of written communication even after King Sejong the Great invented Hangeul in 1443. Here we present people who contributed to promoting the use of Hangeul despite the social prejudice in favor of Chinese characters.

People who pioneered a new era through Hangeul
Some experts explored ways to promote the use of Hangeul, the grand legacy of King Sejong the Great, in their respective fields. Here we present innovators who spearheaded the development of Hangeul.